designHop club at Emily’s — part 1

See our design club in action at Emily’s home. Emily had planned for months before she moved into their new home to host the club. She shared with us her collections and bought a few new items for the group to use. Watch what the group does with table cloths, you’ll be amazed. At the end of the clip you see a glimpse of the reveal. Stay tuned…I’ll post part 2 showing the final results of both the living room and dining room… in just a day or two.

And see the group on Great Day St. Louis tomorrow, channel 4 at 10 am.  Virginia Kerr  interviewed the team at Maggie’s place and watched us transform three bedrooms.


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3 Responses to “designHop club at Emily’s — part 1”

  1. Rebecca Davis Says:

    I would like to start a group. How do I get started?

    Thank you,

  2. Joi Says:

    Great segment on Great Day today!! Loved seeing your club do their thing!

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